About Us

Our Vision

Secularism is a principle that involves two basic propositions. The first is the strict 
separation of the state from religious institutions. The second is that people of 
different religions and beliefs are equal  before the law.  Secularism seeks to ensure 
and protect freedom of religious belief and practice for all citizens. Secularism is not 
about curtailing religious freedoms; it is about ensuring that the freedoms of thought 
and conscience apply equally to all believers and non-believers alike. Secularism seeks 
to defend the absolute freedom of religious and other beliefs, and protect the right to 
manifest religious belief insofar as it does not impinge disproportionately on the rights 
and freedoms of others. Secularism ensures that the right of individuals to freedom of 
religion is always balanced by the right to be free  from religion. Secularism is a
 framework for ensuring equality throughout society – in politics, education, the law and 
elsewhere, for believers and non-believers alike. So, how does this work as a goal for 
Secular homeschoolers? A national organization needs to be created, of secular 
homeschoolers, who advance certain goals.  Let’s call the organization The National 
Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers or N.A.S.H. The National Alliance of Secular 
Homeschoolers asserts that all homeschoolers are equal and that no religious or political 
affiliation should give advantages or disadvantages between homeschoolers.  
Religious believers and non-religious believers have the same rights and obligations as 
members of society. N.A.S.H champions human rights above discriminatory religious 
demands.  It upholds equality laws that protect women, LGBT people, and minorities. 
These equality laws ensure that non-believers have the same rights as those who identify 
with a religious or philosophical belief. N.A.S.H is not an atheistic organization.  
Atheism is a lack of belief in gods. Secularism does not seek to challenge the tenets of any 
particular religion or belief; neither does it seek to impose atheism on anyone.  
The National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers will work to: 1) Provide a national 
framework of structure, support, and connection for those homeschoolers who identify 
themselves with secular homeschooling and as a by-product create a demand for secular 
curriculum and other materials that cater to secular homeschoolers, 2) Raise awareness 
of homeschooling, as it exists in the Secular community, in society,  3) Provide support 
and guidance for current Secular homeschoolers or those interested in Secular 
homeschooling. Our first N.A.S.H planning session, to include appointing volunteers
to positions and developing an action plan, will take place at the 1st annual conference 
in Atlanta in September.

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