The Dreaded “S” Word ~ Socialization

One thing that new homeschooling families often worry about is the dreaded “S” word ~ Socialization. They worry their child(ren) will grow up to be odd or anti-social because they’re missing out on the social aspects of public schooling. The National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers (N.A.S.H.) invited three women to come and discuss their thoughts on socialization during a teleconference recorded on January 30, 2015, during National School Choice Week.

Mari Beth Buckroth, The Inappropriate Homeschooler and founder of N.A.S.H., was joined by Beckie Tetrault and Tina Smith, co-hosts of The Savvy Homeschool Moms Podcast. Tina also blogs on The Homeschool Realm.

In order to discuss socialization, one must first define exactly what is being asked. Is the person concerned with their child’s ability to interact with other people outside of their family? No worries! Of course, your child will be able to interact with other humans. They’re learning how to make their way through the world everyday by interacting with you, and the other people that pass through their lives. Another question may be, will my child have friends, will they have a social life? And again, the answer is most likely yes. Homeschooling will not drastically change the basic personality of your child. If your child is shy at school, there is a pretty good chance that they will continue to be shy, homeschooling or not. If your kid is a little quirky, most likely they will continue to be on the quirky side. During the teleconference, the audience was able to ask the panel questions. These questions may be some of the same ones you have. Examples of their inquiries are:

  • How does one go about starting a local homeschool group?
  • How do you deal with having children of differing personalities? Such as one and introvert and one an extrovert.
  • What is your opinion on online socializing for kids, tweens, and teens when you live in an area with few homeschool group options?

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