Homeschooling High School

Homeschooling comes with a lot of questions and uncertainties, and one of those is our ability to homeschool our children through high school. Many misconceptions surround homeschooling high school and many parents have questions and feel insecure about their ability to homeschool grades 9-12. As a result, this seems to be the prime time in which parents decide to send their children to school, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Fortunately, the passage before you has been walked. Two people who have navigated this path, Blair Lee and Jaime Cook, are here to help you. Along with Meg Grooms who moderated the Homeschooling High School Teleconference, recorded on January 29, during National School Choice Week.

Questions addressed in this session include:

  • How do I plan for high school?
  • Can homeschooled kids go to college?
  • What about prom?
  • How do I keep my teen on track?

It’s our sincerest hope that this discussion helps ease your mind and gives you courage. You, too, can homeschool the high school years!

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