Demystifying Homeschooling Methods

Did you know there are many different ways to homeschool? Do you ever wonder what homeschooling style would work best for your family? In the Methods of Homeschooling Teleconference, recorded on January 28, 2015, for National School Choice Week, our panel of homeschoolers discussed how their unique homeschooling styles works for their families. The panel included unschooling father, Dennis Wolf, eclectic homeschooling mom, Beth Suitt, curricula­-based homeschooling mom, Jill Harper, and roadschooling mom, Larah Ritchie. These speakers along with the moderator, Jai Cook, the Programs and Services Senior Director for N.A.S.H., will help you demystify the various methods of homeschooling.

(Our apologizes ~ there were technical difficulties recording this session. Some of the beginning introductions are missing.)

Questions addressed in this session include:

●  Can you use a different method for each child?
●  Has your chosen method changed since you started homeschooling?
●  What homeschooling philosophy have you followed?
●  How does unschooling work?
●  How do I find quality secular curriculum?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, we invite you to listen now!

Additional Links:

Whim’s Rebellion on Facebook (Larah Richie)

TAD Town Blog (Jill Harper)

National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers (N.A.S.H.)

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2 thoughts on “Demystifying Homeschooling Methods

  1. Reblogged this on TAD Town and commented:
    Here is a great talk from N.A.S.H. last week that I had the privilege to be part of. It is worth a listen if you are wanting to learn more about homeschooling and the various methods.


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