All About Secular Curricula

The topic of this teleconference, recorded on January 27, 2015, during National School Choice Week, is secular academic homeschool curricula and programs. This includes curriculum, co-ops, and live and online programs. One of the most challenging issues for homeschoolers is choosing curriculum and programs for their kids. For those of us who want secular academics, finding curriculum and programs that we like, and that also work for our children, can be extremely challenging. This hour-long discussion includes some practical tips for finding secular academic materials, a discussion of some common misconceptions about these materials, and a thought provoking discussion about why it is important to find and use academic materials of a secular nature.

The Secular Curricula Teleconference includes six panel members. All the members of the panel are veteran homeschoolers who are involved in developing or evaluating secular academic curricula and programs for the homeschool community. Meet our panelists:

Kate Johnson ~ owner of Pandia Press. Pandia Press publishes the History Odyssey Series and R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Series. She has also authored some of the texts in the History Odyssey Series.

Emily Cook ~ owner of and author for Build Your Library. Build Your Library is a literature based, Charlotte Mason style, homeschool curriculum. Emily is also on the Secular Alliances Committee of N.A.S.H.

Jason Grooms ~ the author of several science books available through his education travel company, The Brainy Tourist.

Thom Jones ~ provider of both on-line and live, history and science classes through Crime Scene Camps. Thom is also the author of the fantasy series, The Guardians of Elestra

Sonja Kueppers ~ member of the Secular Alliances Committee of N.A.S.H. She has been pivotal in helping to develop a set of definitions and standards that N.A.S.H. will use to identify and explain what constitutes secular academic curriculum.

Blair Lee ~ author of R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Chemistry 1 and Biology 2. She writes a blog,, about homeschooling, science, and travel. Blair is the Secular Alliances Director of N.A.S.H.

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