What I Enjoy About Homeschooling- A Kid’s Perspective



Many, standing outside the world of homeschooling, often hold a preconceived notion as to what homeschooling is really like.  We often get questions regarding socialization and important events are children are missing out on.  For those of us that do homeschool, we have our own, personal reasons as to why we have taken on such a tremendous task and why we stand firm, rooted in our beliefs as to why this journey is so important.  Blogs and articles can easily be found, on the internet, stating the many reasons as to why parents believe that homeschooling is best for their children- but what do the kids have to say about this?  What are the benefits for them?  I’ve spoken with many “Inappropriate” secular homeschooling parents and asked them what their child/ren’s favorite part of homeschooling.  Here are some of the replies:


  • Emma (6) loves being able to sleep in and her brother Quince (8) loves to stay up late.
  • Lynzy (10) likes being with her family, Halayna (8) likes to hang out with the homeschooling neighbor kids, and Claire (5) likes hanging out with momma.
  • Zach (13) says it’s easier to get his work done because there are fewer distractions at home, than would be at public school. His brother Aaron (7) enjoys having a hot lunch cooked by mom.
  • Ben (10) enjoys being able to sleep in and be with mom and dad.
  • Chaos (10) enjoys learning “real” science.
  • Vivi (16) enjoys being able to “actually learn” stuff and she now likes to learn and do work. She also enjoys the freedom to learn without confines.
  • Mason (8) enjoys the ability to take field trips whenever possible, Graham (6) enjoys being able to decide what science subjects he wants to learn and Cate (4) enjoys “building stuff”.
  • Alex (15) enjoys getting away from the “shallow plastic people” in public school and not having to deal with “stupid people”.
  • Clare (7) enjoys being able to pick what you learn about having the ability to play outside more and Joss (7) enjoys not having to sit at a desk as well as being able to read a lot more about exciting things.
  • Devin (9) likes the freedom to be able to be out in public during public school hours and Kaylee (13) likes the ability to learn math at her own pace and being able to read what she wants, when she want.
  • Trent (13) enjoys being home with the family every day as well as the being able to do his school work at his own pace, Peyton (11) enjoys being able to take her time at lunch while she enjoys eating the foods she really likes, and Chloe (7) loves getting to be at home all day with her mom, two dogs and one cat.
  • Charlotte (10) enjoys being able to learn at the level that suits her, not just the level that is deemed “appropriate” for her age. She also likes that she can ask to learn about something that isn’t “scheduled” and her mom will make sure she has everything she needs to be able to make this happen.  Trevor (6) likes being able to take lots of breaks, snuggling on the couch with mom during reading, and playing with toys, such as Minecraft and Legos) while he learns.
  • Adam (11) enjoys adventure and his brother Connor (9) enjoys being with his mom.
  • Nicole (14) likes that she can do her schoolwork with a cat in her lap and a dog at her feet.


Each child asked was able to come up with a least one thing that they enjoyed about homeschooling.  Sure, they could tell us at least one thing that they don’t enjoy (uh, schoolwork, duh!), however this goes to show that worrying about whether or not our kids are happy really isn’t necessary.  Our children enjoy the freedoms that homeschooling has to offer and don’t seem to miss out on the socialization and “important events” that public school has to offer.


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