Secular Homeschoolers Dream Big

N.A.S.H. – The Future

It’s a vast undertaking. Some would say impossible to do. The National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers (N.A.S.H.) is the dream of a small group of secular homeschoolers who, when they dream, they dream big.dream-big
The truly exciting thing about N.A.S.H. goes beyond what it is right now, in its infancy. The real excitement is what N.A.S.H. will become as it grows and is nurtured by the secular homeschooling community. Opportunities that even we cannot think of yet will present themselves as we take this journey together!
After the planning sessions and 1st Board Meeting take place September 4-7th, the building of N.A.S.H. will have begun. Board positions, bylaws, strategic plans, and more will be developed and approved so that N.A.S.H. can move forward. Each of the volunteers for N.A.S.H. are excited and ready to focus on what N.A.S.H. will provide for its members and how it will accomplish those goals. Armed with a volunteer staff of almost twenty secular homeschoolers, in various positions, N.A.S.H. will move through the process of becoming a registered 501(c) non-profit. Developing member benefits, creating programs and services for not just our members, but the secular homeschooling community, and putting in place a variety of resources and services our some of our goals.Member-Services
As I said, when we dream, we dream big! I know we have a talented team of dedicated N.A.S.H. volunteers and a secular community looking to enhance and enrich their homeschooling journey and together we will make the dream a reality.
N.A.S.H., initially, will look to establish Member Services that include:
– Discounts:
1) First on N.A.S.H. products/services and eventually with secular vendors
2)  Member Only N.A.S.H. convention reception with guest speaker
– Annual ‘digital’ secular homeschooling resource guide
– Member only access on N.A.S.H. website
– Private Facebook group
– Regional/Local N.A.S.H. Chapters
– N.A.S.H. sponsored homeschool events (regional/local)
– N.A.S.H. coordinated Annual Educational Adventure Field Trip
– ‘How to Homeschool’ programs
– Mentoring Programs
– Used Curriculum Buy/Sell/Trade venue
– Website with newsworthy and noteworthy items of interest to secular homeschoolers
– Watchdog Network –
1) Be kept up-to-date on policy, laws, and other issues that pertain to education, homeschooling, and the secular community
2) Report issues related to homeschooling in your community/state
…and more to come!alliance 2
The idea of N.A.S.H. is to create an organization that is an alliance of homeschoolers who have one thing in common: they identify their academic homeschooling as secular. This alliance will be comprised of people from all walks of life who are of all various races, creeds, colors, sexual orientations, genders, belief systems, parenting styles, and homeschooling styles, all standing together as an alliance to promote secular homeschooling as a viable and recognized segment of the homeschooling community and receive support, resources and encouragement on their personal homeschooling journey.
Imagine the possibilities!
Help build the dream!

~Mari B. Buckroth
Executive Director
For more information on the National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers go to:

For more information on the 2014 Inaugural N.A.S.H. conference go to:

To donate to the N.A.S.H. Start-Up Campaign go to:

To hear Part One of Savvy Homeschool Moms’ interview with Mari Beth Buckroth go to:


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