Have a voice. Help Build the Vision. Be Represented. Represent.
Attend the 2014 Inaugural National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers Conference September 4-7th in Atlanta, Ga.

NASH will be a registered non-profit with By-Laws and an elected Board of Directors who will appoint an Advisory Board. We have reached the stage in our development where we have what is currently necessary in order to host the 1st Inaugural Conference and thereby finish building the foundation of NASH. Our current agenda contains items that are actively being addressed while still being open and flexible to incorporate the input from those at the planning sessions and first Board meeting.

We are moving forward with our expectation that NASH will officially launch between October 1, 2014, by opening member registration, and as a registered non-profit at the first of the new year. The necessary discussions and subsequent decisions will be made with the input of all those secular homeschoolers who give their input, offer to volunteer, or otherwise lend their voice as well as those who support secular homeschooling and secular homeschoolers. The conference is being held to conduct the 1st Executive Planning Sessions and Board Meeting of NASH.

The NASH staff experience includes those who work or have worked in the areas of: finance, legal, administration, community outreach, media, public relations, political affairs, and marketing. We also have individuals, who work in their own community homeschool groups, dedicated to Program development and Membership Services. Our intention has always been to create an alliance organization with the input of those with whom NASH will serve.

It started with a general idea and was fueled by a passion and it’s grown to where it is at this time. The further growth and evolution of NASH is not only going to come from the efforts of those who are currently working for NASH but from ALL who will come and give their input and time at the planning sessions.

Thank you.


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