Introducing N.A.S.H.

Introducing The National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers



The Executive Planning Sessions for The National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers at the 2014 Inaugural N.A.S.H. Conference in September in Atlanta, GA. N.A.S.H is for all secular homeschoolers and is hosted by The Inappropriate Homeschooler.

The Vision Of The National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers:

The National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers endeavors to unify secular homeschoolers to be a strong, significantly influential force in the world of homeschooling and to transform homeschooling for the 21st century and beyond.

In order to unite secular homeschoolers, a N.A.S.H. membership will need to not only provide its members with a great service, but it must provide its membership with something more; a platform, a voice, in the homeschooling community as a whole.   N.A.S.H. needs to be unique. In the world of secular homeschooling, challenges include not only being a minority (secular) in a minority (homeschooling), but also being ‘scattered’. The religious homeschooling community has strength of numbers, but they also have a strength of purpose. Despite any denominational differences that exist within the religious homeschooling community they unite and have power by identifying with one label – religious.

The secular homeschooling community needs to be as united under the one label ‘secular’. In order to accomplish that goal the term ‘secular’ needs to be broadly (to attract the most members) yet clearly (providing a unified purpose) defined. N.A.S.H. can do just that. The first step in creating N.A.S.H. is to clearly define its mission and the very definition of ‘secular’ homeschooling is a must.

 During the Executive Planning Sessions for N.A.S.H. a definition of secular homeschooling will be finalized along with the organization’s mission statement, From the Vision statement and Mission State the organizations goals will be outlined. These goals would include:

1)         N.A.S.H. Digital Resources Guide: Providing up-to-date listings of curriculum and resources for secular homeschooling.

2)         A website that provides useful secular homeschooling information. That information could include:

a.- How to Homeschool Secularly

b.- Homeschooling Laws and Requirements for each State

c.- Curriculum & Resources member reviews.

d.- Used Curriculum Sales

e.- Chapter Start-Up ‘Kit’

f.- Facebook linked closed group for all paying members

g.- and so much more!

3)         Yearly National Convention including secular workshops for adults, children, and secular vendors.

4)         Home School graduation program

5)         Homeschool Identification membership cards

6)         A media presence to provide:

a) A strong voice for SECULAR homeschooling

b) Changing the face of homeschooling for the 21st century

7)         Secular Summer Camps

 8)        Buyers Co-Op for Secular/Non-Religious resources

9)         Legal Representation

10)       A strong political and social presence, a voice, in the international community of homeschooling supporting and promoting the goals of a secular community.

11)       Create a ‘demand’ for purely secular homeschool curriculum and resources.

 Every secular homeschooler is invited to attend these Executive Planning Sessions. Secular vendors have been invited to attend these sessions. Secular group leaders have been invited. With the number of homeschoolers increasing each year, and more and more of them identifying as secular, NOW is the time to come together under one unifying name with a singular purpose and work together to influence and shape the future of homeschooling.



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